About Us

Our office is responsible for scheduling Ag mediations, contracting with and training neutral Ag mediators, and increasing knowledge of mediation throughout the USDA agencies.  The program is federally funded through a grant from the USDA and administered by our office.  Since there is no cost to participants, mediation is a cost effective alternative to the formal appeals process. Mediation allows the parties to communicate more directly with one another thus produces more open communication lines between the agency and the participant.  Any participant that has received an adverse decision letter has a right to mediation.  Please contact our office if you are unsure as to whether you are interested in mediation or have questions about the mediation process.  We are happy to assist you in anyway we can.        

The Illinois Agricultural Mediation Program (IAMP) is the state certified mediation program for the state of Illinois. The program assists agricultural producers, creditors, and others directly affected by the actions or decisions of the USDA in resolving disputes arising under USDA programs. We also handle cases brought through Rural Housing and Ag decisions.