Who are the mediators?

All IAMP mediators will have completed mediation training, and will be informed about the agricultural issues involved in the cases they are assigned.  The mediators' professional backgrounds will range from law, psychology, agriculture, economics, etc.  However, they will not be serving in these roles when they mediate.  The mediators will travel to the county where the dispute has arisen, and generally hold the mediation session at the county's USDA office.

How long will it take?

The mediation program has been designed for expedient dispute resolution.  The actual mediation session is usually conducted within 30 days from the date the Request for Mediation is received.  The mediation sessions themselves will generally not go over two hours.  However, depending upon the complexity of the issues, more than one session may be needed.

How does the mediation process work?

  • An Illinois USDA program participant is notified by a USDA agency that here has been adverse determination, and that (s)he may choose to mediate.
  • The program participant sends the "Request for Mediation" card to the Illinois Agriculture Mediation Program (IAMP) to request mediation.  
  • IAMP contacts all parties involved to obtain their agreement to mediate, and more information about the issues.
  • When all participants have provided the needed information, a mediator is assigned and a mutually convenient time and location is arranged for the meeting.  
  • The mediator facilitates productive discussion at the mediation session.
  • The parties discuss all issues, options, and possible solutions
  • Parties reach an agreement or "agree to disagree".
  • The mediator will record the terms and provide a copy of the agreement to all parties.
  • The parties implement the agreement.